What would happen if germinating seeds are replaced by boiled seeds?

What would happen if germinating seeds are replaced by boiled seeds? Answer: As germinating seeds respire actively and at a faster rate, they are taken for the experiment. Boiled seeds do not respire and so no results will be obtained if they replace the germinating seeds in the experiment.

What will happen if boiled seeds are placed in the flask instead of germinating seeds in the experiment to prove that respiration occurs in plants justify?

If instead of germinating seeds, boiled seeds are used, they will not release any CO2 as they will no longer respire and thus the water in the bent tube will not be pulled up.

Can seeds germinate after boiling?

The boiled seeds do not sprout, this is because boiling denatures or damages certain enzymes or proteins which are essential for germination. Therefore, boiling can kill the seeds. Seeds require moisture and also air for sprouting.

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What is the reason why some of the seeds used in the experiment were boiled seeds?

Seeds lose their ability to germinate after boiling. This is because boiling denatures composition of the cells that make up the seeds. Using boiled seeds acts as the control set up for the experiment as they neither germinate nor respire. Hence, the control set up will not use up any oxygen.

How would you use boiled seedlings to show that any change of gas was due to respiration?

Answer: The seeds are boiled with an antiseptic to avoid bacterial decay. Solution: (i) Soda Lime – To absorb any carbon dioxide released by the seeds (ii) Limewater – Change in the color of limewater to milky water indicates the presence of carbon dioxide, and its source being germinating seeds only.

Why boiled seeds do not respire?

Boiled seeds won’t grow – evidence that they have been killed by the boiling process. The high temperature irreversibly destroys crucial proteins in the plant cells, including structural proteins, so the cells fall apart (that’s why the water goes green when you boil them) and cease respiration.

How does boiling seed affect germination?

Boiling usually promotes germination to a critical point beyond which there is a decline in the final germination percentage. Soaking in water within the range 60–90°C is often as effective as soaking at 100°C but there is less chance of damage at the lower temperatures.

What will happen if the seed is boiled?

Boiling seeds will kill the embryos inside and the seeds will not germinate.

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Will cooked seeds grow?

If you cooked them, they are no longer viable. If you saved the seeds from the cooking process, you could plant them next year and you will probably get nice plants – but the fruit might not be the same.

What would happen if instead of moist germinating seeds boiled seeds are used for experiment?

What would happen if instead of moist germinating seeds, boiled seeds are used for experiment? Answer: Boiled seeds do not respire and hence, no result will be obtained.

How does water affect seed germination experiment?

Water level significantly affected seed germination and seedling establishment. The wet soil treatment germination rate (83%) was much higher than the waterlogged (56%) and submerged (44%) treatments. … The wet treatment group had greater seedling establishment (94%) than the waterlogged treatment (84%).

How does water affect germination?

Moisture essentially brings the seed back to life. When the seed fills with water in a process called imbibition, it activates enzymes to initiate the germination process. On the other hand, too much water can cause seeds to rot instead of developing into a seedling.

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